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HidrateME: Review

Updated: Oct 14, 2018

Hidrate Spark water bottles are new phenomenom! Easy tool to keep track of your water intake and get that skin glow you've been wishing for!

Last year, I was introduced to Hidrate Spark kickstart fund started by college students at U of M. After further research, I thought the idea was genius and I immediately purchased (5) water bottles. (1 for me and 4 for my clients!)

"HidrateMe water bottle has allowed me to be more intentional about my water intake."

On average, about 75% of Americans are suffering from dehydration daily and don't even realize it. HidrateMe water bottle has allowed me to more intentional about my water intake. I believe this product is useful for those who are trying to lose weight, achieve that skin glow or simply increase water intake.


1. Connects to your cellphone

2. Automatic notifications with humorous reminders to drink

3. Easy to assess your progress over the week/month on app

4. You can track your friends or clients!

5. Manual option (if you drink water outside of the water bottle)

6. Connect to other apps to evaluate your health and fitness

7. Set your own goals

The only perceived cons are the cost ($54.95) but it is well worth it! Also, it can be a hassle to try to protect the battery from getting wet. I've had this issue two times but the company will send you new batteries if you have any issues with connectivity. Overall, this water bottle is a game changer and I recommend it for anyone who wants to be intentional about their water intake and track their goals!

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