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Healthy Living App

Updated: Oct 15, 2018

Perfect way to "consciously" shop for healthy groceries with the help of an app!

The other day I came across this wonderful app that allows you to check the safety and ingredients of a product before purchasing it. It allows consumers to make well informed decisions on what they put into their bodies and concerns that surround the product in question.

"I love this app because it goes beyond ingredients of packaged foods and produce. The inclusion of household items and skin care products is genius! "

After using the app for a week, I noticed that it offers a lot more information than I bargained for. It breaks down the developmental, processing and allergy concerns while also providing relevant information on labeling and misrepresentation.

Example of Healthy Living App overview

All of the food products have the same concern meters displayed as nutrition, processing and ingredient. The meter ranges from green light (safety) to red light (harmful). This allows the consumer to be cognizant of the purchase before going into detail about the product. At the bottom you will find specific findings and concerns about the product that you will not find on the packaging. The list was actually longer than pictured. Yikes!

I decided to try the app out on skin care items and it delivered! The meters changed to allergy, cancer and developmental concerns. It also highlighted ingredients that are harmful and the level of safety it assures on your skin scaling from 1-5. Everyday we are bombarded with decisions about our health and this app makes it a lot easier to keep up with the everlasting changes in nutrition. I highly recommend you download it and try it at least once. You never know what you could learn. =)

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