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Six Ways to KEEP your New Year Resolutions in 2020!

If you've had a great 2019, most likely your "New Year Resolutions" are only building upon what you've already started. It will most likely consist of, keeping the momentum and expanding on your progress! However, there are a few people that may have fallen off the bandwagon and I get it. We all have setbacks but luckily every day is a fresh start! // Here are a few tips to get you started TODAY and on into the NEW YEAR!

1. START TODAY This is the most effective strategy I've found and it isn't advised as often as it should be. Starting early helps to create the habit in advance and allows room to fix/redirect the hiccups. The beginning process is always strong and starting as early as possible can improve your results, momentum, and adaptation to the process.

2. DAILY REMINDERS Putting up sticky notes in the bathroom and/or desks work can keep you grounded. Also, note reminders on your phone and calendar can serve as an accountability partner to keep you on task.

3. PURCHASE A 2LITER WATER BOTTLE Drinking water will allow the waste to flow through you without much effort. You'll notice weight dropping off and your flexibility improving over time. Bowel movements will increase giving you much more ease and lighter energy! In addition, increasing your water intake will also curb your appetite making you feel "fuller" for a longer amount of time!

4. TRACK YOUR PROGRESS I've found tracking your progress can be a gamechanger for your new year resolutions. Incorporating a schedule, journal, or DIY calendar will mentally keep you accountable because you wouldn't want to break your streak! Crossing off your achievements will energize you, increasing your chances of staying on track throughout the year.

5. DON'T GIVE UP The may be times where you'll feel discouraged, unsuccessful, defeated and/or directionless but trust me, it will pass. Do not allow those "temporary" emotions to guide you into the future you desire! No matter how many times you mess up, never give up. Your results are still achievable rather you start or begin again January 1st or March 8!

6. ACCOUNTABILITY PARTNER This is similar to note reminders and scheduling, committed accountability partners can be GOLDEN. Finding someone who has the same goals as you, maybe a workout or meal prep partner. This strategy can help on the days you don't have any motivation to keep going, usually, the other person will pick up the slack (and vice versa) to keep you on track as a unit.

Let's be honest, it's a lot of pressure to keep lofty goals for the new year but no matter how many times you fall, you can do it! I've used these strategies time and time again over the years and they have personally worked for me, family, friends, and clients. Trying them out for yourself is the least you can do. As for statistics, I wouldn't get caught up on them because no matter how many times you fall down, you can ALWAYS pick yourself back up. Let's keep this fire burning in 2020!

Happy New Year!

Chanel Michele

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