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Living Well: Don't Miss The Moment

Updated: Sep 19, 2019

"Co-create with the universe by being present in the moment. Sounds counterintuitive but embracing where you are now gives you the power energy to bring whatever you want into your life."

It's a funny thing about life, hindsight is always clearer. We regret not embracing the moments and look at them with complete "awe" in retrospect. We start to find the good in memories, people, places, and things we once defined as "bad". We realize how selfish, ungrateful, and cynical we've might have been to believe that only our perception or feelings mattered. This usually happens when we become overly focused on the details and not the bigger picture. I have been guilty of this on many occasions in my life. I've "missed" many moments but now I have a daily ritual of "smelling the roses" while I'm here. I religiously practice gratitude in every way possible when I find my mind criticizing the present and tumbling off into the future. I make an effort to find the good in every condition, person, place or thing I've found myself experiencing because I also understand that I co-create every moment in my life and gratitude can only bring forth more greatness to celebrate. Perhaps, I was too young to understand the significance of things at every stage in life or perhaps, I needed those experiences to teach me.

Throughout my years of experience, growth, and inner-standing, I've found that it's important to meet life where it is instead of where we think it should be. Focusing on what has not manifested in our lives could subconsciously leave us in a state of lack. Inevitably, leading us to celebrate and appreciate things once they are no longer in our grasp. I've been journaling since I was a young child and I am a big advocate for writing things down. It's important to practice expressing how you feel in written form. However, I've found vocalizing the moment (your blessings) or bigger picture makes an even bigger difference for me. For these reasons, thats why people pay for therapy, coaches, and rely on confidants because although writing does helps, it can not replace the auditory affect of speaking it out. We all want to be heard, understood, and validated even if it's speaking it out to ourselves. It's human nature.

Now, in effort to pull myself out of a funk (if I've relished in it a little too long), I vocalize my current circumstances to remind myself. There's something about saying it aloud that moves you and gives you a clearer perspective on things. We aren't always going to be perfect at it and I will probably still have moments that I simply "miss". Notwithstanding, I am now consciously making an effort to reduce the amount of moments I simply take for granted. The moments, people, places, and things always come back full circle and in the middle of your newfound appreciation you'll wonder "where you were" in the midst of it all.

Chanel Michele

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