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Green Living: Simple Ways to Live More Sustainably

Living sustainably can vary in different ways and categories. It can be in food, waste, environmental conservation, operations, shopping for clothing, and optimizing your day. Most people have the misconception that its expensive to do this, however, living sustainably could save you a lot of $$$ in the short term and long run. Implementing little practices into your daily life can reduce energy pressures on the ecosystem and human-made production. In recent years, this has become a global movement but also, a necessity. Let's look at some ways you can implement sustainability in your daily life!

Buying only what you need: When you are grocery shopping it's easy to overspend on items that you ultimately do not consume, due to lack of appetite or food expiration. Make use of a grocery list and only purchase what you need to reduce waste.

Stainless Steel Water Bottles: Purchasing a reusable water bottle can be the easiest way to conserve the planet. We usually consume around 8 glasses of water a day which can be equated to the amount of fabric used to make one t-shirt! In addition, a majority of plastic water bottles are not being recycled and they are six times more likely to end up in the ocean or landfill further affecting the ecosystem. Purchasing a reusable water bottle whether its glass, bamboo or stainless steel can do wonders for the environment.

Recycle Trash: This is probably the most significant way to incorporate sustainability into your life. Most apartments and residential areas offer free recycling services for the residents. Make an effort to recycle old boxes, plastic bottles, and bags to regenerate new items for later use or consumption. If your residence does not offer this service, you can use to find nearby recycling centers.

Buying Quality Clothing: Ideally, everything should be made in good material and cost-effective for everyone. Unfortunately, it is not and fast fashion has taken over the consumer-driven fashion world, causing others to overspend in this department. I am referring to the basic necessities such as jacket, pair of jeans, sneakers, all-purpose weather boots, tops, and sweaters. These things may cost more in the beginning but will save you time and money later. For example, in 2010, I spent $300 on a pair of all-purpose weather boots and after countless wears, I still have them today, in good shape. That's already an average of $30 bucks per year and counting, not including the number of times I've worn them.

Reusable Grocery Bags: This tip will actually save you money. Every grocery store gives you back .10 cents for bringing a reusable bag for your groceries. It reduces the use and production of plastic and paper bags to give out to customers. You can also purchase one from COCOKALE

Alternative Transportation: Walking, biking, public transportation can save you money and also, build into your daily exercise routine. Making an effort to use your car less or get rid of your car, can give you great benefits of more sunshine, cognitive growth, better physical shape, and perspective. We spend a massive amount of time in our car and it can go unnoticed until we intentionally use alternative transportation to get wherever we are going.



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