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Updated: Mar 4, 2020

Clear Skin Diet: Vitamin A+C+D+E, Fiber, Antioxidants, Flavonoids, Polyphenols, Omega- 3 fatty acids, Epigallocatechin Gallate (EGCG), and Filtered Water!

Foods that are HIGH IN FIBER, produce a reactionary effect to cleanse our system and detox the toxins that created the acne. WATER and movement can essentially cleanse the system and regulate the digestive process. Superfoods without adequate water and minimum movement cannot achieve the desired results. Realistically, eating these superfoods alone, will not grant you perfect skin. You must incorporate a healthy diet, workout routine, and lifestyle to effectively work your way toward achieving ideal skin health.

Here are 12 superfoods to implement in your diet for a clearer + smoother complexion.

Vitamin A: Helps to improve the skin's texture, balance oil production, stimulate cell production, and reduce pigmentation by speeding up the healing process.

Carrots + Sweet potatoes + Mangos + Cantoloupe + Spinach + Broccoli + Red Pepper

Vitamin C: The antioxidant properties of vitamin C helps to produce new collagen, reduce wrinkling skin, and mend scar tissues + cartilage.

Sprouting Broccoli + Acerola Cherries + Thyme + Brussel Sprouts + Lemon + Strawberries + Broccoli + Papaya + Guava + Kale

Vitamin D: Helps protect the skin from premature aging, dry skin, and the fat-soluble vitamin helps to protect skin from damage. It's most effective by getting direct sunlight to the skin for the best results.

Sun Exposure + Mushrooms + Yogurt

Vitamin E: Reduce UV sun damage, promotes healthy cell functioning including protection from free radicals, evening out skin tone, maintaining hydration.

Spirulina + Almonds + Sunflower Seeds + Olive Oil + Kiwis

Fiber: Improves the digestive system by flushing out toxins, assist with the absorption of nutrients, and bulking up the stool with impurities, resulting in a smoother and clear complexion.

Avocado + Pear + Legumes + Sweet potatoes + Apples + Quinoa + Raspberries + Oatmeal

Antioxidants: Prevent premature aging due to oxidative stress, sun damage repair, antiinflammation, skin firming, brighten skin tone and smooth harsh lines.

Beets + Blueberries + Onions + Garlic + Green Tea + Parsley + Grapes + Collard Greens

Flavonoids: Eliminate free radical damage, anti-inflammatory, protect cell tissues, increase microcirculation, improve skin texture and structure, and regulate blood flow.

Cherry + Plums + Dark Chocolate + Blackberries + Lemons + Legumes

Polyphenols: Plant-based micronutrients that support hydration, elasticity, protect the skin from harsh climate conditions, increases smoothness and also have anti-carcinogenic effects on skin tumors.

Cacao + Artichokes + White beans + Flaxseed Meal + Elderberry + Tomatoes + Spices

Omega-3 Fatty Acids: Promotes healthy cell membranes, reduces the production of molecules and substances that cause inflammation, Manage oil production and hydration of your skin.

Seaweed + Algae + Walnuts + Flaxseeds + Chia Seeds+ Edamame + Kidney Beans

Epigallocatechin Gallate (EGCG): Acts as a layer of protection from free radicals, slows the aging process by reducing inflammation, repairing damage, and fighting off harmful bacteria to improve texture and radiance.

Green tea + Pistachios + Black tea + Cranberries + Pecans


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