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Wellness Week #LA March 24- 31, 2019

Updated: Apr 5, 2019

"Warning: This is not a festival. It is a city wide WELLNESS experience personalized to your own goals, interests, and health needs." WWLA

Wellness Week LA reached out to me earlier this year, pitching the wellness festival and I wasn't sure it was something I'd be interested in. I assumed it was a bunch of free trials and activities provided that I absolutely did not want to add to my schedule. After sleeping on it (for a few weeks) and a bunch of research I purchased a ticket and I am so glad I did! To follow up, I received an email with an embedded form asking questions about my hobbies, goals, interests and health concerns.

A few weeks later, my wellness week plan arrived!

1. Unplug Meditation

2. Playlist Yoga

3. Pure Barre Class

4. LA Dance FIT

5. Kate Somerville Facial

6. Cryotherapy Facial


8. Complimentary Gold Thread Drink + Protein bar

9. Drip Doctors (B12 shot)

10. Antidote Cosmetics

11. Wellness Week LA Party!

The week surrounded around hardcore self care and health activities that are set out to revitalize you and improve your wellbeing. I recommend this "festival" to anyone who is interested in increasing their health and OWN accountability. You can really fit anything into your schedule, its all about prioritizing and understanding that your life is yours to live. It was eye-opening for me. I intentionally and deliberately focused on my internal wellbeing for 7 days. I surrendered my to-do list and have to's (which is not like all). I felt free. I was able to include so much more in my schedule and I'll admit it was liberating to do so. We can be so hard on ourselves from day to day til it all becomes normal and a way of life. However, humans are malleable and I declare a new norm: SELF CARE EVERYDAY, NO EXCUSES. Its simply the best thing you can do for yourself and others. You're a lot more clear, confident, sharp and stable. After that week, I committed to it wholeheartedly. Whether you decide to participate in the festival next year or not, I hope you practice self care today and everyday of the week going forward.

Take care,

Chanel Michele


Instagram: wellnessweekla


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