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Travel: Staying Healthy on the Go!

Updated: Apr 23, 2019

Summer is on its way and its the most popular time for travel! Most of my clients find traveling disruptive to their health routines but it doesn't have to be that way. Over the years, I've traveled to many countries and states and I used to have the same excuses.

"There wasn't anything healthy available and I was hungry", "It's just one time", "My travel companions didn't want to eat healthy and we shared the bill", "I didn't have time to workout", or how about the most common one "I'm only gone for a few days, I'll restart my routine when I return home"

Relentlessly, putting everything on tomorrow, and having unwavering faith that things will go back to normal when we get home. While it is good to have faith in yourself, doing it one time, only makes it easier to repeat it a second time and a third or fourth or finally a fifth......then maybe a sixth. Trust me, we've all been there. In efforts to help you not fall into the same traps I used to, I gathered some tips to insure you can be healthy on and off the plane (or jet) !

Here are some simple tips for preparing for a healthy travel:

Domestic Travel: (Typically 1-5 hours of travel)

1. Pack it in advance: Before your flight, pack small snacks such as fruit, nuts, sandwiches and anything that will curb your appetite is a plus! If you are traveling through the airport, all foods must be wrapped, packed, or contained and under 3.5 ounces.

2. Listen to calming music to reduce stress levels

3. Create a manageable morning and night routine for arrival

4. Eat a warm and well-balanced meal before boarding

5. Stay Hydrated! Pack a water bottle and refill it as necessary.

International Travel: (Typically 7-20 hours of travel)

1. On international flights, they are required to offer you breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks throughout the flight. Contact the airlines in advance to plan out meals. breakfast, lunch and dinner. Its best to sort out preferences and allergies before you're on the plane.

2. Avoid Alcohol and Sugar at ALL costs.

3. Plan your sleep schedule by shutting off screens 1 hour before and don't forget to wear an eye mask. (Neck Pillows are also helpful)

4. Get up and stretch every two hours or so. (Sitting down for long periods of time is unhealthy and could lead to more extreme issues such as cardiovascular disease.)

5. Stay Hydrated! This is increasingly important on an international flight because there is not a lot of moisture in the air.

Upon Arrival:

1. Download app to track your water intake (HidrateME, My Water Balance, Plant Nanny, Lose it) Some of these can also be used to track calories and nutrients!

2. Assuming you have an itinerary (business or leisure), try waking up early and walking outside for at least an 30 minutes to an hour to get the day started. Its a simple and effective workout to implement that also increases your chances of having a more productive day!

3. If your hotel or place of stay has a swimming pool, pack your swimsuit and take a 45 min swim. (I strongly suggest you pack your swimsuit every time you travel because you never know and its a great full body workout.

4. Schedule in 15-30 minutes of floor workout everyday of your trip before bed (Use Pinterest or Youtube for reference, if you don't know what exercises to do)

5. Download the UNPLUG MEDITATION for guided meditation to release the weary energy of the day and clear your mind for a new day!

6. Gather fresh ingredients from local markets to eat healthy throughout the day

These tips also apply to city travel, when you're in route to work, long drives, road trips and preparation for any kind of travel! For car preparation, I recommend keeping a cooler of spring waters, crackers, nuts and fresh fruit in your car to eat on the go. This reduces the temptation to stop at gas stations and/or convenience store for those unhealthy snacks that we both DO NOT NEED. Always Remember, "Processed foods is a Processed brain."

Comment Below:

Where are you going this summer? How do you plan to stay healthy on the go?

Safe and Healthy Travels,

Chanel Michele

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