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The Benefits of Forest Bathing

Updated: May 19, 2019

"Studies have shown forest bathing and daily views of nature have healed patients suffering from a multitude of dis-ease." C Mizu

The term "forest bathing" or Shinrin-yoku originated in Japan in 1984 and has become the go-to for preventative health care. The therapy was unveiled through a series of scientific studies that revealed significant changes in health after spending time in forested environments. One study revealed a Years later, there are now designated forestry areas in Japan, U.S and South Korea for people to unwind and heal naturally. The scientific healing practices come from the trees, more specifically. In trees, there are natural killers (NK) commonly known as "phytoncide" or . Phytoncide is a substance produced to help plants, wood and trees protect themselves from harmful insects and germs. In turn, inhaling the substance has been found to improve immune system function.

10 Benefits of Forest Bathing

Forest bathing has many benefits, including:

1. Creating kung fu fighting killer cells.

2. Decreased risk of heart attack.

3. Protection against obesity and diabetes

4. More energy and better sleep

5. Mood-boosting effects

6. Decreased inflammation

6. Clearer, more comfortable skin

7. Soothing relief for sore muscles

8. Anti-inflammatory terpenes.

Here's a youtube video on forest bathing! Check it out if you'd like to learn more :)


Chanel Michele



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