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How to Stay Positive in a World FULL of Chaos?

The world is such a beautiful and active place (all subjective). It has so much to offer and change is always happening at the blink of an eye. However, it has become increasing easy to get wrapped up in the vicious cycle of unpleasant media, environmental toxicity and natural disasters. I believe that you create your own experience in this world but I can't negate the fact that things will happen outside of your control. If we are not cognizant of our emotional footing, it could possibly cause havoc on your life. This article will aid in you not losing that personal sovereignty in the midst of it all.

Here are some tips to stay calm during uncontrollable and external chaos:

1. Meditate (I love meditation because it requires you to center yourself. Take your thoughts off everything but your breath. It's time well spent alone and going within to reset your mind. In addition, it improves your cognitive functioning and that helps you navigate the world with clarity after your session. The other immense health benefits are really just a plus )

2. Positive Affirmations! (Repeat this mantra daily: "I am love, I am light, I am peace, I am beautiful, I am strong, I am success, I am valued" etc. can really make a BIG difference in your mood.)

3. Get Moving! (Whenever I'm feeling lost, confused or just unsure about what to do next, I go for a long walk outside. I recommend forestry areas such as the park but if it's winter, your neighborhood sidewalk is just fine ;-)

4.Evaluate your choices Subconsciously, we can be the product of our own demise. Making one unhealthy decision after another, placing ourselves in environments and situations that only creates more havoc on our lives. The best way to rid yourself of chaos is to make the decision to not contribute or involve yourself in it anymore. Every decision has a domino effect, however, you determine if they are they positive or not.

5. Spend Time Alone ( Learning how to love your own company is the best gift you can give yourself. It allows you to understand yourself on a deeper level without the input of the outside world. You find out what you genuinely like and don't like and begin to discover inner parts of yourself left dormant.)

6. Forest Baths (This is a Japanese practice that started in 1982, it is understood in Japan that distance from nature makes us sick and being closer to nature heals. Spending time in nature has a significant affect on your nervous system, enhance your parasympathetic system, and significantly reduce stress hormones. It is very similar to meditation but instead of focusing on your breath you are using all senses to relish in the scenery. (Highly Recommended )

Now that I've come to end of this blog post, I've found that the title is actually incorrect. The world is how you see it. It is not FULL of chaos. It's full of what you make it. You decide if you're experience will be happy and pleasant or disastrous and painful. Allow a positive perspective to lead your way.

Love and Happiness,

Chanel Michele

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