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'April showers bring May flowers'

Here we are in April, a new month filled with possibilities and new memories to be made. For me, 2019 has been nothing short of magnificent, full of experiences, accomplishments and new ideas. I would love to have these "feelings" and experiences expand and follow me throughout the year (with no interruption) and to be honest, I believe they can! However, that is hardly the case in anyones life. We all have our ups, downs and neutral days throughout our lives, some of which we cannot control. Have you ever heard the saying 'new levels, bring new problems' or the theory that 'good cannot exist without bad' simply because it is necessary as a counterpart? Well I've found, it is nothing short of the truth.

When good things occur in our daily lives, we tend to cling to the experience and holding fast to the dream of "forever". Neglecting the #1 principle: Nothing in life is permanent but change. We cannot guarantee our tomorrows nor the feelings we have today but what we can do is make the most of now. Over the years, I've learned to live without attachment and I've come to understand that everything is temporary. Even on our "worst days" things will change and it is not the end of the world. I know that's hard to digest when you feel that your world has been turned upside down (and flipped inside out). However, that very thing that "went wrong" could be the very thing that will propel you forward into what WILL go right. A positive always exists as a counterpart and sometimes simultaneously with a negative depending on your perspective. 'Spring showers bring May flowers' is the storm before the calm but also a lesson of patience. Learn to be patient with the highs and lows and stop to smell the roses more often because it's really all we have. Enjoy this life unconditionally and in the midst of this rainy spring, I ask that you embrace every experience and emotion with full and open arms!

And remember, life is not happening to you, its happening for you.


Chanel Michele

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